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Welcome to Iron Horse Therapeutic Farm

Creating a new normal for all abilities to work & grow in our communities.

Iron Horse Therapeutic Farm is an ADA-accessible farm just outside of old town Timnath, Colorado. At the farm, we have horses, goats, chickens, farm cats & our favorite donkey, Bob. 

The ten-acres we are lucky to call home is the perfect space for Occupational Therapy Utilizing Equine Movement, farm-based therapy, and adaptive gardening. We are proud to closely partner with Integrated Pediatric Therapy Associates to provide occupational therapy and music therapy in this unique setting.  

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Our Story

Iron Horse Therapeutic Farm has been a long-term dream of owner Taneal Behm & her family. When she was younger, Taneal's grandmother gave her the poem "Iron Horse". After reading this poem, the dream of creating a facility where those of different abilities could experience life from the back of a horse was born. 


Northern Colorado for 10 Years

Funded by Our 501(c)3 Non-Profit

Iron Horse is funded by our 501(c)3 non-profit, Integrated Cares, Inc.

10 Therapy Horses

Our diligent herd of horses serves patients with physical, cognitive, social emotional, behavioral concerns & more! 

Innovative Treatments

Our highly trained staff is constantly seeking new treatment methods to maximize outcomes for our clients.

Serving Over 100 Families

We provide 500 equine movement sessions on and 160 farm-based sessions on a monthly basis.

Comprehensive Education

Serving not only families, Iron Horse accepts graduate OT students and undergraduate interns year-round to provide unique education experiences.


What Our Clients Say


My son has been going here for a year now and absolutely loves it, he has gained so much with his therapists and of course his horse! Core strength has improved tremendously and his way of communicating has advanced as well! Great people and community!! Couldn't recommend a better place!

Laura S.

Taneal and the rest of the staff are warm, attentive, and conscientious towards both humans and their animals. As a horse owner and also a parent of a child who has attended many types of supportive therapies, I've seen a range of programs; this one is by far the most organized and thoughtfully run. At Iron Horse, the animals are all happy and confident, and the people are treated with the utmost respect and care.

Scott G.

The dedication from volunteers alone help outline the attentive care that is present at this facility.

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