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Meet The Herd


Cookies n' Cream

Owned by The Behm Family

Years Active: 2013 - Present

Cookies is our most experienced therapy horse! Cookies is owner Taneal's first horse and they are a dream team. She provides consistent, regulating movement for riders and her therapeutic mindset is always evident during sessions. 



Donated by The Nelson Family

 Years Active: 2019 - Present

A former barrel-racing horse, Cooper is enjoying life in the slow lane at Iron Horse - literally! He has one of our slowest gaits and is great for regulating our sesnory seeking kiddos. He loves fidgeting with therapy toys in his mouth when he gets a chance!


Cocoa Puff

Owned by The Haun Family

Years Active: 2020 - Present

Cocoa Puff is nothing short of a joy to work with in sessions. He has dynamic movements and is tolerant of therapists and kids being up close & personal with him. He's been nominated for Best Hair on the farm, so keep an eye out for that blonde puff coming your way!



Donated by The Pickett Family

Years Active: 2021 - Present

His government name is Robert, but he goes by Bob, Bobby, Bobert...the list goes on. Not used for riding, Bob has claimed the title of Protector of The Farm due to him always braying out updates to the team so everyone knows what's happening. He's used frequently in farm therapy but is always looking to make new friends!



Owned by Iron Horse Therapeutic Farm

Years Active: 2021 - Present

One of our younger horses, Tevo is always ready to play with his human friends! He has an excellent gait to challenge postural support, but needs some encouragement to get pep in his step some days - maybe an extra sugar cube in his grain bucket could help!



Owned by The Dawson Family

Years Active: 2022 - Present

The baby of the farm, Ilias is a spunky gelding with lots to offer! He loves playing with friends, offering an even pace for riders, and is always interested in trying new games. He was recently purchased by our therapist Lindsey & her partner - they feel lucky to love on such a sweet guy!



Owned by The Anderson Family

Years Active: 2022 - Present

He's blonde, he's beautiful, he's the heart throb of the farm. Owned by one of our adult riders, Kentucky is always providing the just right challenge to everyone who works with him! His favorite time of the week, however, is getting a treat from his mom after her ride. 



Owned by The Tornquist Family

Years Active: 2023 - Present

Though she be little, she is mighty! This spunky girl is our most recent and smallest member of the herd! You can catch her strutting around the farm until she's cleared to be used for equine movement. Until then, Tika is our little princess!



Owned by The Willis Family

Years Active: 2022 - Present

Captain is a sweetheart mustang with an even walk and tolerates different rider positions well. His laid-back temper makes him an ideal member of our team. His easygoing attitude is most evident when he is laying in the sun for a midday nap!



Owned by The Vandenberg Family

Years Active: 2023 - Present

Not only is Taz our biggest horse physically, he is also one of the biggest sweethearts in the herd! He has large movements to challenge riders and sensory seekers alike. He's relatively new to the farm, so say hi when you get a chance!

Thank you to our past therapy horses!

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