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Embracing the Magic of Human-Horse Bonds



Equine Movement

Iron Horse is proud to partner with Elevate Music Therapy to provide co-treats to clients throughout the week. Music Therapy using equine movement combines horseback riding with music-based interventions to create a highly motivating, sensory environment. 

Working together, OTs and music therapists will use music to target improved attention, reduced anxiety as well as increased motivation, communication and social interactions. Our horses are trained to tolerate music instruments being played on and around them, creating not only a fun but safe environment!


Equine Movement

Licensed Occupational Therapists utilize the movement of the horse as a therapeutic tool to maximize therapeutic outcomes. Not only does the horse's movement provide excellent postural, balance, and motor coordination challenges, it can impact riders in a variety of other areas too, including sensory, cognitive, and social emotional skills.

Every horse's gait is different, and our trained team matches clients to horse's and equipment based on the specific needs of the child. All of our OTs are skilled to address sensory processing, executive function, gross and fine motor, and visual motor skills on the horse. Riders are given a sense of support through their equine movement team, which consists of their horse, therapist, a side walker & a horse walker.


Ready to Get Started? 

We accept many different types of insurance, including Colorado Medicaid. To get started with services, please contact our referral coordinator at 970-305-5070 to begin the process. 



Unique Services of Northern Colorado


Farm Therapy

Iron Horse utilizes a farm-based curriculum created by our clinical director to promote executive function, sensory integration, self-regulation, and motor skills in clients. Farm sessions take place both in and outdoors, and offers patients the opportunity to work with animals and be apart of a team bigger than themselves.

Generalizing skills learned in-clinic to the real world can be tricky sometimes. The farm provides an environment where different scenarios that require learned skills occur naturally.

USONC is a contract company with the State Department of Rehabilitation Services of DVR. Iron Horse is fortunate to be a job placement site for employees to receive on-site job coaching and supported employment. They are a pivotal role in helping us keep our farm running 

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