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The Heart of Iron Horse

Leasing your horse to Iron Horse Therapeutic Farm means providing top-notch therapy services for those in need. Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible care and services for our horses, and we are committed to ensuring they live happy, healthy lives while they work alongside us. Our lease horses are the heart of our program!


Horse Requirements

  • 8 - 20 years old (please contact for exceptions)

  • Under 15.1 HH

  • Sound at walk & trot

  • Even disposition

  • Enjoys being around people/kids

  • Polite on lead

Living Arrangements

  • 14ft x 36ft run with south-facing lean-to

  • Automatic water

  • Fed x2 daily, high-quality grass hay

  • Concentrated feed rations x1 daily (if needed) 

  • x4 weekly turnouts into 6-acre pasture

Therapy-97 (1).JPG

Lease Benefits

  • Free board

  • Feed, routine vet, farrier care covered

  • Daily exercise

  • Weekly training rides by experienced staff

  • Access to your horse Friday - Sunday afternoons

  • Ride on-site or haul off property

  • Peace of mind knowing your horse is making an impact! 

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