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Your  Tax-Deductible Donation Goes Straight to the Farm

Donations to Iron Horse Therapeutic Farm go directly towards funding our therapeutic programs, which provide life-changing experiences for people of all abilities. These funds also go towards providing the care and support that our animals need to continue their important work. Commit to supporting our animals for a month, a year, or somewhere in between & know your contribution is going straight to a local non-profit. 

  • Feed the Cats

    Every month
    Feeds our six cats for 1 month
  • Feed the Chickens

    Every month
    Feeds our 3 hens for 1 month.
  • Feed the Goats

    Every month
    Feeds our 4 goats for 1 month.
  • Fund a Therapy Session

    Every month
    Funds 1 farm-based or equine movement OT session for a child in need.
  • Feed a Horse

    Every month
    Feeds 1 horse for a month.
  • Fund Routine Vet Care

    Every month
    Covers routine vet & farrier costs for 1 horse for 1 month.

One Time Donation

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